Cats & Copyright

Cats. People love them, adore them, and aw over them, while others hate the little rascals.

The other day, well almost everyday, my little kitten, Hamilton, went through the bathroom trash. He found a q-tip and brought it out to the living room and played with it. Jumping all over the place, twirling the q-tip around, and being a butt, he found that to be fun. Of course, being a good owner of an animal, I pick up the q-tip and threw it away, but the little butt kept finding away to get into the bathroom even if we shut the door.

On some days if we are lucky enough, he won’t get to the toilet paper. Hamilton likes to take the toilet paper and string it through the house without a care in the world. Even if it is a new roll of toilet paper, you can’t trust him that he won’t get to the toilet paper.

He is just an accident waiting to happen.


This is a picture of a cat I took off the public domain. The public domain allows you to take photos without copyright law interfering. If you take a photo off of google you are interfering with the copyright law and could be sued.

“Fotothek df roe-neg 0006463 025 Katze, in einen Krug schauend” by Deutsche Fotothek‎. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 de via Wikimedia Commons –,_in_einen_Krug_schauend.jpg#/media/File:Fotothek_df_roe-neg_0006463_025_Katze,_in_einen_Krug_schauend.jpg


Cell Phones in School

In a classroom, students sit in chairs, their phones in their hands looking up information for an assignment, that’s how class should be.

Students should be allowed to use cell phones in class for many different learning purposes. The school handbook says that all electronic devices must be turned off and out of sight or else they will be confiscated, but we still use them every day if permitted by the teacher.

Many students use Quizlet, an app or website used to create flashcards, to study for important tests or quizes. Another app, Duolingo, can aid in the learning of a language for a Spanish or maybe French class. Cell phones can also be used as dictionaries when needed to look up a definition.

Students who learn visually can look up a picture of what the teacher is talking about to understand more.

Many phone apps can offer visual representations for hard-to-understand subjects, like biology, astronomy and anatomy. This can assist visual learners and students who have dyslexia. Tablets can also offer the same service, since they are bigger than cell phones.

Being able to use phones in class can benefit in the long run. Using cell phones can prepare us for what’s to come, checking emails, calling clients, and keeping up with sales. Those are some things people with jobs might do with their phone.

Accidents or emergencies could happen at anytime and being a student who can’t have a cell phone with them could be a problem. If you spill chocolate milk on your brand new white shirt you could call your parents, but if you don’t have your cell phone you have to go to the office to call.

In 2005, a study conducted by Sonja Lyubomirsky, Laura King, and Ed Diener, found that happiness causes success. Students are more likely to learn and succeed if they have their cell phones there to aid them in learning.


Welcome to my blog, playlistsbyhannah! I am making this blog as an assignment for journalism class and hopefully it is just as good as other blogs. This blog may consist of music, but then consists of random things since I am a random person.

I’m a sophmore in highschool and I am in my schools band. Most of my friends are in band, but some are not. I love music, candy, and the internet. I also love Star Wars,Harry Potter, and American Horror Story.

I would classify myself as a caramel apple pop in a sea of tootsie rolls. I don’t blend in with others like all the tootsie rolls do. I am really weird and sometimes awkward at times.